~ Exploring the Gulf Coast for Over 53 Years ~

Who's Who of Pel-Tex

Earl P. Burke, Jr.
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Chief Geologist

Earl Burke, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, has been an independent for 53 years. He went to Tulane University and majored in Geology. He worked for F. A. Callery Inc., an independent oil and gas exploration company owned by Lehman Brothers, an investment banking house, from 1954 to 1959. He then formed Pel-Tex Oil Company in 1959 and completed his first discovery in January of 1960, being the Trull Field, Matagorda County Texas. This discovery initiated his exploration pursuits to drill in excess of 600 wells resulting in 86 new discoveries, both onshore and offshore within the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana. Most were new field discoveries, some were field extensions and/or deeper new field discoveries totaling in excess of 1.5 TCFG. He has kept up with new industry technology over the years and is considered one of the most experienced geoscientists that is active in the Gulf Coast. He has always been eager to learn and put into use the new technological developments within the industry, whether it be seismic, drilling or new downhole completion technology. He states that "his career has been self-fulfilling, rewarding at times, but for sure, great fun and exciting".

Glenn P. Burke

Glenn Burke, has worked over 35 years for Pel-Tex Oil Company, went to Tulane University and majored in Geology. He has experience in all phases of oil and gas exploration and development. His geologic knowledge and experience, coupled with the extensive geological database accumulated by Pel-Tex, has given him the dynamic base that is necessary to explore and understand both the onshore and offshore Gulf Coast geological challenges. In his roles as both a generator and as an exploration team member, he is constantly on the lookout for opportunities that will help achieve the high degree of success that Pel-Tex has enjoyed in the past. He has the experience and qualifications to identify and evaluate potential attractive prospects and effectively control each project from inception to depletion.

Brian D.Burke

Brian Burke, has worked for over 32 years for Pel-Tex Oil Company, went to Tulane University majored in Geology. He has been generating new ideas, staying abreast of technology, exploring and developing geological concepts. Throughout his career, in Pel-Tex's exploration efforts , going back to the early 1980's, he has remained committed to and supportive of Pel-Tex's keen desire to pursue exploration opportunities in South Louisiana and on the shelf of the Gulf of Mexico. As an experienced generator and prospect marketer to industry partners, he has effectively demonstrated his ability to evaluate and coordinate all facets of the exploration process. He believes that geological expertise is the key to successful exploration. He is looking forward to a challenging, yet rewarding future.