~ Exploring the Gulf Coast for Over 53 Years ~

Deep Gas Exploration on the Gulf Coasts of Texas and LouisianaOffice Information

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Pel-Tex Oil Company, LLC has been successfully exploring the Gulf Coast for over 53 years with its main focus on deep gas exploration. Pel-Tex is a successful generator of large gas exploratory prospects both onshore and offshore in the Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast region. Founded in 1959, the company has built a geologic base, combined with drilling experience has contributed to the foundation necessary to explore and understand the subsurface puzzles of the Gulf Coast.

Key management personnel work alongside a technical team within the Pel-Tex organization to achieve outstanding results. Pel-Tex has the experience and qualifications to identify and evaluate potentially attractive prospects, and to effectively control each project from initial mapping through drilling, production, and hydrocarbon sales. Longevity in the oil and gas industry and an established reputation have made Pel-Tex a major business partner with large leaseholders of major oil companies and large land holding companies.

Each prospect is closely coordinated among the disciplines of geology, geophysics, land, engineering and marketing in order to be successful in a very competitive industry.